Surah Al Kahf is a Meccan Surah meaning it was revealed when Prophet Muhammad was in Mecca. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ before the Hijrah/Migration to Medina when the persecution of Muslims and Islam was at its peak. It was revealed somewhere between 8th and 10th year of Prophethood.

Surah Al Kahf has 110 Ayaat/Verses and is the 18th Surah of the Qur’an.

There are 4 Major themes in this Surah
1. Trial of Faith – People of the Cave/ Ashabu Al-Kahf (Verses 9 – 26)
2. Trial of Wealth – The story of the rich and the poor (Verses 32 – 44)
3. Trial of Knowledge – Moses and Al-Khidr (Verses 60–82)
4. Trial of Power – Dhul-Qar-nayn with Yajuj Majuj (Verses 83–98)

Whoever recites Surat Al-Kahf on Friday, it will illuminate him with light from one Friday to the next.

Surah Kahf appears in Juzz 15th and 16th, has 1,577 words, 6,360 letters and consists of 12 Rukus.

The Meaning of Al Kahf is The Cave and this surah is named after the incident of people of the cave or the Ashabu al Kahf.

Different narrations with different number of ayaat from this surah serve as protection from Ad-Dajjal.

Tomorrow we will inshaAllah learn what Fitna of Dajjal is and why it is important to memorize the first and last ten Ayaat of this Surah.

Please make sure you memorize all the 7 facts. If someone asks you how many letters does Surah Al Kahf consist of, you should be able to answer them instantly. Please take this challenge seriously and make sincere efforts to learn and memorize and then act upon the lessons. Remember one of the qualities of a true believer is doing things with ihsaan.
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